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What do I need to bring?

We will be hiking hut to hut and will be sleeping in a nice comfy bunk each night, but you will need to bring appropriate gear for the unpredictable New England weather.  Conditions can range from warm and muggy to cold and rainy in a matter of minutes.  The following list will ensure that you have an enjoyable trip.  Try to bring quality lightweight gear.  Remember that you will be leaving some of your clothes in a separate bag to be picked up at the Highland Center which is roughly halfway.

Click on videos below to get suggestions on footwear, gear and clothing.

Download an equipment list: Equipment List

Personal Pack List

Backpack – lined with large trash bag (min. 3200 cubic inches or 50 liters)

Pack Cover – a must when it is raining

Hiking poles (highly recommended)

Light sleeping bag or liner – liner is best, huts have wool blankets

3 – 1 quart water bottles or 2 qt. bladder and 1 qt. bottle  (water MUST be accessible while hiking)

Hiking boots – well broken in!!!!!

vapor barrier socks or 2 Empty bread bags to be used as vapor barriers  for your feet in wet conditions

4 pairs of wool or synthetic heavy hiking socks – smartwool is good

4 pairs of synthetic sock liners – if you use them

4+ changes of underwear – no cotton

3 short sleeve shirts (synthetic type)

3 pairs shorts – 1 pr. can be zip offs (synthetic – no cotton)

1 pr. light synthetic long pants – zip offs are good – see above

1 pair top and bottom of polypro type long underwear

1 Rain Jacket (Goretex or similar) with hood – NO PONCHOS

Rain Pants – best if you can put them on over your boots

Wool or fleece hat

Wool, or polypro or fleece gloves

Heavy wool sweater, down sweater or polartec fleece – full zip up  is best

Headlamp or tiny flashlight (lights out at huts by 9:30)

Camp shoes (Crocs, Tevas, lightweight shoe, etc.)

Earplugs – A MUST if you are a light sleeper!!!

Small camp towel

Personal hygiene supplies

Personal first aid kit – include moleskin and roll of paper tape for blisters

Signal whistle

Small pocket knife

Extra boot laces – more than one use


Sun block – small tube

Sun glasses

Bug repellent – no aerosol cans

Lots of zip lock plastic bags (1 gallon size) to store clothes in

Baseball cap (optional to keep sun/rain off)

Camera (optional)

Bathing suit (optional)

In addition, you need to save one set of clothes (shirt/shorts) to use as sleepwear in the huts – you don’t want to sleep in damp clothes – and should keep these in a separate plastic bag.

It is a good idea to put your name on your gear and clothing, as so much of it looks the same. If you lose it you will have a better chance of getting it back.

We will hike in the same dirty clothes every day and have a clean set of clothes to put on at the hut each night. We will pick up the third set of clothes at the Highland Center on Thursday. You need to bring an extra bag with an extra set of clothes (shorts, shirts, socks, underwear)  for pick up at Highland.




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