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Testimonial Page

We invite former participants to add comments about their PRH experience.

15 Responses to Testimonial Page

  1. George Rooney

    I went on this trip, with some some distant experience of the White Mountains, a love of New Hampshire, inexperience as a hiker, yet a desire to take a meaningful hike. A recap of my PRH 2011 experience? Spectacular views and interactions with nature. Solo time to reflect. Time to get to know interesting — and interested — people. Superb trip leadership.

  2. Carol Broderson

    Hiking the Presidential Range with the New Hampshire Chapter volunteer leaders was an experience I’ll never forget. The trip was very well run. We had three leaders and usually three choices of hikes for each day, so everyone could find a good fit for the day’s activities. The scenery was incredible and the leaders were knowledgeable. I highly recommend this trip.

  3. Melissa Cross

    This trip was the highlight of my 2013 summer. The leaders went over and above my expectations and the participants were all fabulous. I had stayed in huts over 30 years ago and it was my dream to go back- The scenery can rival any place on earth. OK so took some work to prepare, but in the end it was so worth it. One of the leaders called me “fierce” while I was hiking, and this is a new positive mantra for me.

  4. Frank Stevens

    My PRH was July of 2014. It was truly an unforgettable experience for me, and I have spent some time reflecting on what made it so remarkable. I think it was a combination of being thrown into contact with a group of total strangers, undergoing a constant and intense barrage of sensory input, and simultaneously being subjected to extreme and prolonged physical strain. First my fellow hikers were soon strangers no more, we made for a compatible and convivial company. For the sensory input, the views we took in day after day gave me a new appreciation for the staggering beauty of the White Mountains, that they are right there, and free for the walking. Physical Strain.. it was personal and different for each of us. Suffice it to say it was no walk in the park. I was especially impressed by the quality of the leadership. They were thoroughly prepared and provided invaluable guidance and support throughout. I was so happy with my experience that I encouraged my wife to join the 2015 PRH, which she enthusiastically did.

  5. Crystal

    If the Presidential Range is on your bucket list, this is a brilliant way to see one of the most awe-inspiring places in America in a safe and well-fed way. The leaders are knowledgeable about the area and have tons of experience working with people with varied levels of hiking experience. I was impressed not only with their skills on the trail, but in their ability to read people and respond proactively. Most days we did 5-10 hours of up and downs and it was nice to be able to crash in a hut and have lovely meals prepared for breakfast and dinner. I learned a great deal from my leaders and about myself from doing this trek. It is not one you can just show up for – make sure you do your homework and train in advance. After doing this hike with AMC’s NH chapter, I am quite fond of the White Mountains. I hope to return to the challenging trails and great beauty found in this unique part of the country soon.

  6. Liz Stevens

    I went on the 2015 AMC NH Chapter, Presidential Range Hut to Hut Hike (PRH). I had done a fair amount of hiking previously, but was still concerned as to my abilities. I didn’t really know anyone that was going on this hike, though some had a friend or a family member they were hiking with. We were just about 21 strangers thrown in fairly close proximity, all different ages, talents, abilities, and personalities, living/hiking under sometimes adverse conditions. What happened was more than I expected; we supported each other, sang, laughed, joked and bonded – all for one, one for all! On top of the camaraderie, we happened to be hiking through some of the most beautiful scenery in New Hampshire! The views were spectacular. I would be remiss not to mention our Leaders who were fabulous. They put us in groups of matched capabilities, brought out our best, overlooked our worst, encouraged us, challenged us, were supportive, all the while bringing us all in safe and sound to the next Hut. I trusted the Leaders and felt very comfortable with their decisions regarding my hikes. I have never stayed in the Huts before and was very pleased – great food, nice accommodations, with enough space to allow folks to either unwind, or gather together – whatever their choice was. I believe that hikers of all abilities would enjoy this trip.

  7. Elizabeth Paradiso

    Hiking from hut to hut and getting to the top of many peaks made for an amazing week. Our group (2015) was a fabulous group of hikers–friendly, happy to be in nature, and a lot of fun! We were also lucky with good weather–never too hot or too rainy, which made for some spectacular views. It was great to have 4 experienced leaders. They were incredibly supportive and encouraging, and knew so much about the Presidential Range. They also helped with specific packing lists and suggestions for training and preparation. It was really expertly organized, from picking up a bag half-way through to booking all the huts well ahead of time. As someone with limited experience hiking in the area, I would encourage participants to do their best to truly prepare for a week of rugged hiking. We were hiking for 5 to 10 hours each day, with lots of ups and downs. With the support of the leaders and the group, I felt stronger and stronger every day, and it was a really extraordinary experience. I would highly recommend this hike to experienced hikers and those who want a challenge, and those who like hiking with groups.

  8. Steve Scarponi

    The only bad part about this trip (2015 version) is it had to end! Everyone involved was great. The leaders, & participants were a ton of fun, the croo at all of the huts were first rate and the food was crazy good. If you are thinking of going on this trip, do it. You won’t regret it. Just make sure you get in reasonable shape. I might have to go again.

  9. Laurie Vincent

    This trip was excellent for my husband and myself as novice backpackers. Our group had some people who were newer to backpacking as well as some who had spent quite a bit of time in the Whites Mountains– it seemed to be a good trip for a variety of experience. It was wonderful to have the logistics taken care of since we weren’t familiar with the area and everything went smoothly. We had good advice about what gear to bring. The trip leaders were absolutely wonderful and showed such a passion for hiking and sharing the outdoors with others. We also enjoyed the camaraderie of the other participants. The scenery was fabulous. One tip for anyone interested in this trip– it is much more enjoyable if you have a good level fitness prior to the hike. We would highly recommend this trip.

  10. Cary Bussema

    John McHugh was exceptional as the trip leader of the 2016 PRH, as were the co-leader team he assembled of his brother Fred, Melanie and Teri. Unless you are a very experienced hiker I strongly encourage you to join a team like this that is well familiar with all the various White Mountain trails, expertly handles all the logistics, is knowledgable of nature and weather and has your safety as a primary objective. All you have to do is be prepared and show up. There is a range of talent, expertise and experience in the people that sign-up for the PRH. I believe that a participant with the average level of talent, expertise and experience relative to the group as a whole will find the hike a significant challenge but one that is achievable. Group dynamics of mutual support, comrodery and encouragement plays a meaningful role over the seven plus days you are together. If you are looking to experience “The Whites” and successfully achieve a physical challenge, John McHugh and the PRH team is the path to follow.

  11. Kimberley Beaudet

    My Presidential Range Hike of 2016 (lead by John McHugh) was an accomplishment I hoped to achieve beginning the summer 2015. I’ve enjoyed hiking for years but I was inspired to climb the peaks of NH after hiking there with a friend. I discovered this trip by accident and when I learned more about it I was eager to get on board. You will learn from the itinerary, the trip is 50 miles long, nights are spent in the huts, food is prepared for you, the trip is lead by expert hikers and as of 2016 this hike has been offered by the NH Chapter for 50 years! What is not detailed in the itinerary is the feeling of accomplishment when one reaches the summit or finishes a particularly long day. The leaders provided encouragement when needed. At times caution was leveled when there was a risk to our safety. My preparation for this trip began more than 6 months before I started the trip. John sent each of us a suggested training schedule which I followed and added to it. Since I finished this trip I have hiked several more summits in the White Mountains with a goal of getting all 48 4K’. This was physically exhausting trip but I’d do it all over again!!

  12. Roland Horst

    I was on the PRH hike of 2016 led by John McHugh.and it was most enjoyable and was on my bucket list as I turned 65 on the hike along with Fritz another participant!The group was great and sang Happy Birthday to us and gave us a kerchief momento of the trip signed by all-thanks! I can highly recommend this hike.I was fortunate that John called me just 5 weeks before the hike advising that there was a spot available but would encourage everyone to sign up early and train early!Since then hiked up to Carter Notch hut-the last of the high huts had not been to-was a beautiful leaf peeping hike in October! So sign up and have a great hike with wonderful volunteers who made the experience memorable.Thanks John for letting me join the hike and thanks to all the other volunteers and group members for a great experience!

  13. Steven Spurr

    Proud alumni of 2017 PRH – it’s 51st year! John, Fred, Terri, and Marianne guided a wonderful group of outdoor enthusiasts through some of New England’s most beautiful scenery. This was my first experience staying in the AMC huts and was immensely impressed. The hut croos welcomed each night with well-kept accommodations and delicious food. If you’re ready for a week disconnected from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, hiking the wilds of Norther New Hampshire as part of the PRH should be on the top of your list!

    • Marianne Page

      Thank you for your feedback, Steven! This volunteer appreciates your enthusiasm for the NH Whites and the PRH..

  14. Bob Spurr

    2017 PRH was an experience of a lifetime. Guided by professional volunteers, you gain insights from insiders who know the presidential range best. You will leave this adventure enriched in having hiked one of the most majestic mountain ranges in the US. Your guides support you with recommendations on everything from conditioning to equipment. They encourage you each and everyday to make the most of your time in the wilderness. The hut accommodations are classic. Hiking groups are established based in capability and desired pace. Each day you can hike with a different group and leader to optimize your personal experience. You will complete this hike with a great sense of personal accomplishment and memories for a lifetime!!

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